Corporate Security
Systems and Home Security

No call-out fees for quotations and security assessments.

Corporate Security Systems

Corporate security systems are offered with advanced alarm systemsaccess control, biometric systems, CCTV, and building maintenance management. Netel does installation and repairs for corporate security systems with onsite management and maintenance of corporate security systems. Our security team specialises in office security, warehouse, industrial security solutions providing installation and repair of security access systems, access control, electric fence and gate automation as well as ongoing maintenance of security systems currently in place.

Home Security Systems

Netel Home Security does home CCTV installations, maintenance and repair of home security systems. Our home security offerings include: installation and repair of  home alarm systems, installation and repair of electric fencing and gate motors.

Specialised Security Services

We offer a wide range of security maintenance, repair and technical services, providing a comprehensive electronic security solution for either your corporate security solution requirement or your home security system requirements. We have a professional team who specialise in the installation and maintenance of electronic security equipment,  wireless long data cabling, theft protectionrange networks and off site surveillance. Our company takes the time to completely customise a security system to the needs of the client, making the customer a true priority. Finding out a client’s specific security needs helps us to focus on the best system suited to the client’s needs that will deliver the best results.

Specialised security services include security assessments of the premises, with specifications needed, maintenance, repairs, security access control.


Adriaan Lotter (Netel security) has been contracted to Dimension Data from 2002 .His responsabilities was to install access control and cctv on the Campus and has delivered great service up since then.Campus consist of over 500 cctv cameras and over 1000 doors on access control that is maintained daily by Netel security. Netel is in the process of upgrading our access control to Impro systems and replacing all analog cameras to IP cameras across the campus.Hope this information treats you well as Adriaan and his team has ediqute experience and knowledge.
Recardo Pretorius, OHSE & Security Manager
Netel Security has been a Certified Integrator Partner with Controlsoft since 2014.
To date they have carried out many Controlsoft installations for their own client base whilst at the same time providing support, upgrades and additional installations for many of Controlsoft existing end users.
Ann Magnus, Office Manager