Attendance Software

Revolutionary attendance software tracks all staff attendance with complete control over custom rules handling South African rules for overtime, Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays.

The system integrates with biometric systems, like ERS BIO, or the in-house, low cost photo attendance system can be purchased, which allows staff to clock in by clicking on their photo, which takes a photo of their presence. Simple, low cost, and effective, and completely foolproof, since no fingerprint is needed, and a photo is always taken as proof of presence. This attendance software leads the pack since the cost is half, accuracy 100% and foolproof, never any excuses of fingerprint not working or card lost.

Attendance software integration with SAGE or Intoweb HR (preferred) is a breeze.

We are an authorized reseller and installer of Intoweb HR that provides attendance integrations, leave management, payroll and HR employee management.


Attendance System securely wall mounted, installation available.