Netel’s Biometric Solutions

Biometric Solutions is a system where one uses either fingerprint scanning or facial recognition. It helps companies secure their property with foolproof access control. Biometric Systems can also be used as a clock in device for monitoring attendance.

Biometric solutions applications:

–  Employee clock in and time and attendance
– Student clock in
– Access control biometric solutions
– Point of sales systems

Mobile Biometrics

Netel is the first Security Biometric Solutions provider to offer a mobile biometric attendance system that is truly mobile in that it is offline (not dependent on internet) in South Africa, being both the first company to import strong biometric fingerprint scanners on mobile tablets, and implement them in a student environment.

Cloud-based Biometrics

Netel also offers cloud based attendance management, allowing for access from geographically dispersed sites and centralized record keeping.

Biometric Solutions Integrations

We also provide Biometric Solution that have time and attendance software that can be integrated into HR systems, Intranet systems and Student Learner Management systems. Netel has a partnership agreement with Intoweb, whom can provide HR systems, Intranet systems and Student Learner Management systems, thus providing our clients with one point of call for all their security needs.

biometric solutions -tablet

Netel also can integrate with the new BioStar 2 web system, and provide you with time and attendance solutions.