Morpho Sagem Security Access Control Solutions

Morpho Sagem is an international brand high quality and reliable digital security solution bringing security into the digital era and can be used as indoor or outdoor solutions. The Morpho group apply attention to detail. Winning countless awards for the technology and patents, Morpho Sagem access control products are reliable, digital and versatile.
The Morpho Sagem products include Biometrics, access and identity control solutions for the corporate or residential security control. Systems can be upgraded as needed.

Features of the different Morpho Sagem security access terminals:

  • Contactless cards
  • IP network or standalone solutions

Access control solutions can be implemented in:

  • *Residential estates or townhouse security point
  • *Corporate office parks
  • *Colleges and schools needing access-control
  • *Hospitals in areas where heightened security or clock in is used
  • *Security areas within airports / sea ports
  • *Banks
  • *Mines and chemical plants
  • *Any area where Time and Attendance is needed

Access Control Terminal Solutions include:

MorphoWave Tower (Contactless access control terminal)
– Morpho Sigma series:

  • *Morpho Sigma lite access control
  • *Morpho Sigma series
  • *MorphoAccess SIGMA Extreme series

Face recognition terminals
-Vein and Print Terminals

Contactless access control solution / MorphoWave Tower access control readers :


  • *Friction-less able to read 4 fingerprints simultaneously
  • *Contactless technology
  • *Time and attendance features
  • *Overcomes wet or dry fingertips
  • *High thoroughfare / security features

Sigma series:

Morpho SIGMA lite access control:


  • *Designed for narrow mounting surfaces
  • *Multiple card reader options
  • *Embedded web server
  • *Fake and duress finger detection
  • *Timed anti – pass back
  • *Indoors and outdoors
  • *Lightning speed user identification
  • *Large user list
  • *Compatible with – Morpho and Bioscrypt

Morpho Sigma series
Designed by Morpho and Bioscrypt for access and time and attendance functionality

  • *More tablet format
  • *Fingerprint identification
  • *Fake finger and face detection
  • *Finger duress detection
  • *Videophone functionality
  • *Compatible with Morpho and Bioscrypt existing installations
  • *Embedded server

MorphoAccess Sigma Extreme series

  • *Designed for extreme conditions and challenging environments – perfect for mines, seaports, farms, industrial sites
  • *Videophone
  • *Designed to withstand high impact
  • *Embedded server
  • *IP65 certified enclosure (front and rear)
  • *Fake finger / face detection
  • *Finger duress and timed anti pass back functionality
  • *Fingerprint terminals
  • *Time and attendance features
  • *Large optical sensors
  • *High user list capacity eg. Contactless card reader option

Morpho 3D Face Reader – Facial recognition


  • *3D Facial recognition
  • *Fast and and secure
  • *High throughput with sub-second matching
  • *Accurate with low false acceptance rates
  • *High usability regarding poor lighting, facial positions
  • *Non intrusive using invisible lighting
  • *Contactless thus perfect for Laboratories and food kitchens / factories where gloves are being used

MorphoAccess® VP Series -Finger vein and fingerprint access controlled terminals


  • *All environments once mounted
  • *Database capacity – 5000 users, upgradeable to 10 000 users
  • *Resistant to spoofing
  • *Wifi or Power over Ethernet connection
  • *All environments
  • *Adaptable – multi-modal, yet can be used for fingerprints alone
  • *Extremely accurate, more with the use of both modalities
  • *VP – Dual – using multi-modal biometrics combined with Contactless Smartcard technology
  • *Used for one – one authentication; one – to – many identification
  • *VP – Bio
  • *One – to – many identification
  • *FBI PIV IQS certified