Netel offers a wide range of security access control systems, including Impro, Control Soft, HID readers, Morpho Sagem, anda Suprema hardware.

The security access control systems can control the following security access points:

  • Turnstiles
  • Normal and Sliding Doors
  • Boom gates
  • Double security doors
  • Gate automation

We implement security access control systems for various corporate, residential, university and office parks.

Netel’s Security Access Control Solution can be big or small, from one door access to massive wide scale systems. Netel’s biggest client has 1,300 access points with over 10,000 users. We provide a wide variety of bio-metrics solutions all fully integrated with our access control systems and time and attendance systems.

We supply a variety of access cards and tags as well as mobile access solutions, for example virtual cards or mobile credentials on a mobile phone.

Other security access control system products include security access control system accessories, such as break glasses, mag locks, no touch exists and many more.