Electric Fence

An Electric Fence is a barrier that uses electric shocks to ensure protection/ security and it can be used for different reasons such as securing your home, business, farm or even life stock. The voltage used on electric fences can vary from discomforting to lethal, depending on what the purpose of the fence.


The energizers connected to the electric fence converts the power into a brief high voltage pulse. An electrical pulse gets sent once per every second through the power energizer. Thus the pulse goes through the braided wire which runs through electric bobbins that is connected to a stay’s that run along the desired path or wall which in turn is connected to earth spikes. When the live wire and earth wire make contact during a pulse this will cause an electric circuit that will cause an electric shock. The strength of the shock will depend on the voltage and other features, the shock  will go through the body and range from noticeable to uncomfortable, painful or even lethal.

When connecting the electric fence there are few options of knowing that tampering is taking place. Here is two examples of how to monitor anti tampering as it is taking place. The first example is to connect the energizer to a siren and a strobe that intensely flashes and will make a loud noise to warn you that tampering is taking place. The second example is to connect the energizer to an alarm system with alert monitoring. This will notify either your security response company as well can notify you when traveling via sms that  anti tampering is taking place when the energizer triggers the alarm.

Types of Electric Fences

Walltop Electric Fence – This would be a typical example of an electric fence that is used at houses and complexes as the electric fence is run along at the top part of the wall/ fence as this makes it more difficult for opportunists and quick intruders. There are a few heights to choose from 6 Lines, 8 Lines, 10 Lines and 12 Lines.


Free Standing Fence/ Standalone – This type of fence is more often used on premises such as camp sites, office parks, residential plots, electrical plant sites and parks. As this fence starts from the ground upwards and is all electrical fence the full height which can depend on the amount of lines (20 Lines, 24 Lines and 30 Lines) as this makes it even more difficult for intruders or opportunists to easily escape.

Electric Fence

Piggyback Electrical Fence – This type of fence can be used any where as the electrical fence is installed at the back side of a wall or fence. Basically double backed electric fence.


Agricultural Electric Fence – This type of electrical fence is used on plots, farms and game farms as this help and can control the live stock better as they can not break the fence. The shock that the live stock get from the electric fence is uncomfortable and therefor they will stay clear from the fence.




Pet Energizer

This energizer is best suited for pets as this  keeps the pet out of unwanted areas or keep the pet restricted in a certain area.


  • Powers up to 3 km of fence
  • Robust weather resistant system
  • Adaptable mounting option (wall, fence wire or wooden post)
  • Output energy max 0.3J
  • Powered by battery or mains power adaptor
  • Lightning protection


  • Powers up to 3 km of fence (applies to optimal fence conditions)
  • Output energy max 0.3J (Stored energy 0.5J)
  • Power supply 12 V Battery (10 V to 12 V)
  • Current consumption 0.045A
  • Maximum fence voltage 7 kV
  • Dimensions 115 x 190 x 76 mm (W x H x D)
  • Environmental rating IP 65
  • Weight 0.65 Kg
  • Can be powered by solar and/ or battery

druid-114-lcd2Druid 114 LCD

This energizer comes with different distances that the energizer can cover.


  • 13.8J Output
  • Ideal choose for long distance parallel electric fencing systems that require monitoring.
  • Built-in alarm that sounds if there is fence tampering or a fence fault.
  • Connectable to armed response  radio or GSM module
  • Walk test mode for easy fence testing
  • The LCD background colour changes to easily identify the energizer
  • Powered by 230 V mains and includes built-in battery for back up power
  • A solar panel and external regulator with a larger deep cycle battery can be added when mains power is not available
  • Lightning and power surge protection
  • Optional keypad for controlling and programming the energizer. This allows the user to control the energizer remotely, with up to two keypads.


Agri Energizer

This energizer is ideal for game farms and wild animals.


  • Powers up to 10km, 30km and 50km of fence
  • Robust weather resistant system
  • Battery charge state indicator
  • Day/night sensor
  • Output energy max 3J (Stored energy 4.4J)
  • Powered by battery or mains power adapter
  • Adaptable mounting options (wall, fence wire, wooden post and also slides onto Y picket post)
  • Lightning protection
  • Many programmable options via the LCD handheld remote (optional accessory)
  • Including adjustment of fence voltage and pulse rate, independent day/ night
  • Setting, battery voltage reporting and fence performance monitoring.

Electric Fence Components/ Materials

Electric Fence Wire

Stainless Steel Braided Wire


Stainless Steel Solid Wire


Aluminium Braided Wire


Aluminium Solid Wire


Galvanized  Braided Wire


Electrical Fence Bobbins


Electrical Fence Stays


Earth Spikes


There are various products to install on an electric fence and are welcome to give us a call to give you advice on the correct products and install your electric fence up to standard with a C.O.C Certification.